Going through my Twitter timeline, I came up with the question "What tech have you learned in 2019?", and it really made me think about my personal situation.

Sometimes due to different reasons, we're not able to follow our expected path from new year's resolution, or maybe we didn't even have a path. Maybe, some of you, like me, are generalists, people who switch from one technology to another and can be really frustrating to keep track of everything and see real progress. It's because of this reason that I want to share with you what I have learned the past year as the outcome of personal introspection that helped me analyzing my journey.

So, what did I learn on 2019?

1. Kotlin

At the beginning of the year, in March, I got the opportunity to participate as a coach and organizer for the first Android Girls 2019, Quito, Ecuador. As a Google Certified Associate Android Developer, this was an amazing opportunity to share my knowledge with other people (coaches and trainees) and to find gaps in my teaching skills. However, my Android experience was solely based on Java and for this occasion, I needed to adapt what I knew to Kotlin. It was a blast learning Kotlin and now is my default pick when developing Android applications.

2. Swift

Due to an iOS project, I needed to learn some Swift because I didn't know where Swift stopped and other frameworks or layers started. My previous Kotlin knowledge helped me a lot in understanding modern concepts that Swift implemented. I also shared this knowledge with a local mobile development community.

3. Ruby/Ruby On Rails

This was an unexpected skill to learn. My previous experience on a specific project allowed me to participate in this new opportunity. I worked on an internal company project that used this language and I got a really good time trying to understand its magic. Later on, I participated in a new project where my skills got to a different level. I'm still learning Ruby and the RoR way of doing things, and what can I say except it's been awesome.

4. Spring Boot

Spring is a whole new world for Java developers. My experience with this technology was at that time educational only and never used it on a production project. This year I got the opportunity to go deep into this framework and got something working on a production environment.

5. React Hooks & Redux

I was in the correct place and the correct time to learn and implement React Hooks on a real project. I also polished my knowledge on how Redux works so I was able to fill an important gap I had.

6. Docker

Event though I'm a Linux advocate, I never got me too deep into system management. I have previously used Docker as a provided tool for me to help me on my developing tasks, but never had the change to start something from scratch. In this year I generated images and Dockerfiles configurations to facilitate the development work of my team.

7. Being a Security Champion

Since the last year I been in charge of creating awareness and boosting the security practices of my teams, but it was since short ago that I took this role to a new level, following better processes and collaborating with other teams security champions.

8. Coaching

This is a no tech related skill, but a really important one. I was asked to be the support figure for an intern at the company I'm currently working on, so it was an exceptional opportunity for me to make use of my teaching skills, but coaching is not just that. I needed to get myself a coach to guide me on the art of coaching. It was a really rewarding experience both as a coach and coachee successfully.

9. Leadership

This year I served as Tech Lead for an internal project and also led some of my coworkers on activities for developing their skills. It was a really pleasant experience to see other people putting their trust in me in order to help them achieve their best and also getting things delivered.

Looking back, 2019 was a really productive year for developing different sets of skills, and also I got the opportunity to work with awesome people who have taught me a lot. Also, I have learned that one of the best ways to learn is by teaching others, so I'll be posting more tutorials on this blog in order to share the knowledge I have got through my journey.

See you around!